China Exchange Initiative (CEI) fosters cultural and educational exchange across the Pacific

Our Mission

CEI’s mission is to provide students, teachers, administrators, and families in the U.S. and China the opportunity to become involved with the excitement of intercultural learning.  Read More About CEI»

CEI Programs

  • One-on-one principal shadowing projects
  • Cross-cultural and educational training programs for administrators and teachers
  • School to school exchange programs for faculty and students
  • Study tours focusing on arts, music, sports, and other activities
  • Distance learning programs and service projects for faculty and students
  • Conferences, workshops and camps for teachers and students

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School Exchange Resource Center

  • How to Start a U.S.-China Exchange Program
  • How to Manage an Exchange Program
    1. Bringing Chinese teachers and students to the US
    2. Hosting Chinese exchange teachers and students
    3. Sending American exchange teachers and students to China
    4. Troubleshooting your program
    5. Yearly schedule for managing an exchange program
  • Sample School Exchange Programs
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Basic mandarin Chinese language lessons for travelers to China

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